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We aim to give everybody a conversational understanding of AI - how it works, its advantages and limitations in just 2 minutes a day for a month (and for free!)

Anyone can eat a burger and chips BUT that won't keep you fit and healthy. Just as a basic understanding of nutrition is essential for health, a basic understanding of AI is essential for modern life.

Anyone can be a technology user, but being a user runs the risk of you being used. A little knowledge of how the technology works can prevent you from being taken advantage of and also give you a competitive advantage over others. A good analogy would be checking the tyre pressures on your car. You can drive the car without doing so, but your grip, braking distance and fuel economy could be affected. A 2 minute job could prevent an accident and save you money. That's what we are trying to achieve with AIU.

Most explanations of Machine Learning are either too mathematical or too simplistic, our goal is to tread the middle ground. Our cartoon-style sketch approach keeps it simple and appealing. It encourages you to show and share it with others - which we encouage - as this starts informed conversations on AI, rather than repeating the marketing, hype or fear. Developing and growing your own informed knowledge network allows you to learn together with others and their insights. The 30 day course is free - our mission is to educate as many as possible on Machine Learning.
...and introduce a new pedagogy of viral learning underpinned by motivational design.
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The 30 cartoons give a birds-eye overview of AI and Machine Learning, making it a perfect starting point for finding out more.
If you Sign Up one cartoon will be sent to you every day for a month, so you have time to read, share and discuss them with others. We encourage you to share and discuss the cartoons, because that will help you learn more, get greater insight and keep your knowledge up-to-date. AI and Machine Learning is a fast-developing field, so by talking to others, and building a knowledge network you have more chance of hearing the latest developments and applications.

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Who would benefit from the course?

AI Novices

Those who want to know more about AI and how it works. This course is ideal as it explains the concepts very quickly and simply and without the complicated mathematics.

This birds-eye overview of AI allows you to understand the landscape, helping shape your further studies. With a miminal commitment of just 2 minutes a day for a month, it can easily fit into your day. Unlike other courses, we encourage you to share the content (the cartoons) with others and that helps you learn and gain from their insight. You might show it to your children and learn with them, you might share it with a friend and see how they are using AI. Build your own learning community and that network and conversations will be more effective than taking a one-off hour long course by yourself.

Companies and Organisations

Machine Learning can give a competitive advantage for organisations. It can save time, costs and give greater insight. However, the greatest advantages come not from deploying off-the-shelf AI toolsuites and hiring consultants, as anyone else can do the same. real advantages come from those who know your business, your customers and your data - which is your team. This course is ideal for reassuring staff and inspiring a bottom-up digital transformation. The Viral learning approach creates a critical mass of connected-conversations that drive action and deliver results.

AI Experts

Your role in shaping the future is important. This course can help you communicate your vital work by demonstrating how to explain concepts simply with visuals and analogies. Although you will be familiar with the content of this course, you will not have seen this approach to explaining them and the insight gained can be used with your work.
You don't want this...

Workplace Learning and Development Teams

This course is ideal for you to experience and understand the benefits of Viral and Guerrilla Learning first hand. Adopting this new pedagogy, this will deliver a competitive advantage making your learning programs more effective, faster, cost-efficient and deliver real tangible results. The Extra Cheesy Rough Diamond approach to content fosters communities and brings user-forums to life, encouraging networking, and peer-to-peer learning. Viral Learning creates 'water-cooler' moments and a critical mass of connected-conversations that drive action, change behaviour and deliver results. If you are struggling with the reach and take-up of mandatory training programs, try Viral Learning.

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Sounds good?

We still seeking sponsorship for each day's activities to fund this free course before launching on the 1st January 2024.

Enjoy the course


Founder of AI U

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